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Baopack Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It owns 10000 square meters standard workshop.
Baopack is a packaging machinery supplier and high-tech enterprise professional in researching and exploration, manu facturing, sales and after-sale service .We devote to researching and designing for automatic weigher, vertical form-fill-seal machine, weight check, metal detector and complete product packaging line. Our technology for granule and powder packaging has reached advanced level in China ...


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Baopack Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Packaging Machine Solution
A Technical advantages
1. This packaging solution is suitable for large production packing.
2. Economical, save costs, small footprint.
3. Horizontal rewind conveying the material, with large transportion
B Technical advantages
1. The whole machine system is with smooth and..

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ServiceBaopack offers high quality, high performance products as well as technical support and professional service to meet customer`s requirement.

  • Pre-sale service

    1 .Provide design, appraisal, implement service for automatic packaging system
    2. Non-standard product design and supply
  • Sale service

    Installation, testing service and training service for operating and maintenance staff

After service

1. After sale service hotline. Consultation, technical support and visiting service are available.
2. Continuous supply for spare parts.
3. Customer can send technician to our company for training.

Sales Network

As a professional China packaging machine manufacturer and exporter, Baopack has exported many high quality packaging machines to both domestic and oversea markets. Our products have been exported to USA, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Holland, Syria, Columbia, Lebanon, Spain, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, Portugal, Kuwait, Belarus, Iran, Jordan, Yemen, etc. In order to provide a quick and in time whole day service for the clients, a sale service network with our global cooperative partners have applied into use in Holland, Canada, France, USA, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Yemen, etc.
Sales Network of Packaging Machine

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance of Packaging Machine


1) Make sure that the ground is hard when placing the packaging machine.
2) Do not place the packaging machine near flammable gas and in flammable and explosive environment.
3) Before power on, make sure that the power (220V 75A/380V 100A) and the earth wire are ready. The grounding terminal should be connected to the ground permanently.
4) Installation, inspection and repair should be done by qualified technicians.
5) Requirement for the air compressor: 0.6-0.8Pa, 0.3m3 /min.
6) Prepare the material to be packed and the packaging film.

2. Maintenance

1) Quick-wear components replacement
a. If the film-drawing belt slides or is worn, please replace it. After removing the cover, loosen the M12 nut and the M6 screw so that the axis of driven wheel can move down. Then take out the belt, replace it with a new one and tighten the screw. Please be noted that the belt should not be too tight or too loose.
b. Cutter replacement. Loosen two M5 screws, take out the old cutter from the cutter slot and replace it with a new one, then tighten the screws. Please be aware of the hot sealing roller and the marks on the cutter slot ends.
c. Color ribbon replacement. Please take out the color ribbon core from the slot and put in the new color ribbon.
2) Daily maintenance
a. Please let the machine run for a short period without feeding any materials after installation and adjustment, and run for 3-5 minutes without feeding any materials before working each time.
b. Please check the oil in the air-supplying dyad oil tank before you run the machine, and make sure that the oil volume is more than 1/3. If it is less than that, please inject 20# pure machine oil.
c. Please smooth the movable components by putting 20# pure machine oil on them before you run the machine.
d. Please take out the remaining package films when you stop the machine to avoid bending of the package film axis.
e. Keep the photoelectric head clean and prevent the electric components from moisture.
f. If there is any dirt on the sealing roller, please stop the machine immediately and clean the sealing roller with steel brush.
g. Check the screws on each component regularly to avoid loosening. If there is any unusual noise, please stop the packaging machine immediately and check it...